Rahul Arora

Rahul Arora

I'm Rahul Arora. I'm a Web developer with expertise in CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress. More about me →

From the Blog
  1. Responsive CSS Tables

    Simple Responsive Tables with CSS

    A quick CSS snippet to make your HTML tables behave and don’t break the layouts.

  2. Google Code Prettify

    Setup Google Code Prettify on your Website

    A beginner’s guide to install and use Google Code Prettify aka Prettyprint on your website with least coding skills required.

  3. XML Sitemaps for Static Websites

    Build an XML Sitemap for your static website

    An easy to implement guide to build XML Sitemap for your static websites using free software programs without messing up with XML codes.

  4. Blogger Numbered Pagination

    Add a Numbered Pagination to your Blogger blog

    Quickly install a modern, stylish Numbered Paged Navigation on your Blogger blog with simple JavaScript and CSS.

  5. JavaScript Framebreakers

    Break out of frame with JavaScript Framekiller

    Simple JavaScript code snippets to break out of the frame and redirect to the original source.